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Every Interview EVER on the Wizard's Cauldron...INDEX

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Each interview, which aims to get behind the book, features mad videos, strange photos and some bloody good books to wade through. There are guest hosts and other surprises.

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Cauldron Authors

Wendy "Destiny of Angels" Steele: July 2012

Kyle "Time Assassins" Hannah: July 15 2012

Jessica "Pins" McHugh: 20 July 2012

Suzanne "Obscura Burning" Van Rooyen: 24 July 2012

Dawn Smith: Cover Designer - 28 July 2012

Toinette "Eternal Curse" Thomas: August 2012

K-Trina "Journey to Freedom" Meador: 8 August 2012

Emma "Sanguinary" Edwards: 10 August 2012

Mary Ann "The Briton and the Dane" Bernal: 13 Aug 2012

10 Leah Crichton - YA author: August 2012

11 Alan Rhodes: guru of Facebook's "e-reader house": 21 August 2012

12 Monique "Sword Bearer" Rockcliffe: 24 August 2012

13 Ngaire "Cecilia Spark" Elder: 28 August 2012

14 ladys "The Dream Series" Quintal: September 2012

15 Kim "Ruth Charnock Saga" Scott (Interview One): 4 September 2012

16 Wayne "Angeltown" DePriest: 9 September 2012

17 Michelle "Ancients and Gods" Gent: 13 September 2012

18 Bill "The Stream" Jones Jr: 28 September 2012

19 Poet Bathsheba Dailey: October 2012

20 Catherine Jaime: 9 October 2012

21 Rae "Mars on the Rise" Gee: 16 October 2012

22 Ruth "Fantacia" Watson-Morris: 24 October 2012

23 Brenda "Homewrecker" Perlin: 29 October 2012

24 Suzanne Korb - YA author: November 2012

25 SK "Inheritance" Whiteside Interview One: 13 November 2012

26 Sinead "Learn To Love Me" MacDughlas: 15 November 2012

27 Alex Granados:21 November 2012

28 Kim "Closure" Carmichael: 24 November 2012

29 Lainy "Euphoria Series" Lane: 2 December 2012 (Georgia Intro)

30 Nathan "Literary Dark Prince" Squiers: 5 December 2012

31 Nikki Prince: 18 December 2012

32 Top Radio DJ Phil Naessens Christmas Interview: 22 December 2012

33 Quality literary historian Val-Rae Christensen: New Years Day 2103

34 Jenny "Make A Joyful Noise" Worstall: 6 January 2013

35 Historical fictionist Margaret Arvanitis: 10 January 2013 (Oregon Intro)

36 Mackenzie Knight, Queen of the Paranormal: 15 January 2013

37 Horror author and publicist Dawn White: 23 January 2013

38 Popular erotic/romantic scribbler Lelani Black: 28 January 2013

39 Chickliterati Karenne Griffin: 7 February 2013

40 Sarah " Eviscerated Panda" Tipper: 12 February 2013

41 YA meister DM Andrews (with Ngaire Elder): 3 March 2013

42 Larry "Iron Knights" Paterson (with Sarah Tipper): 8 March 2013

43 Popular children's author Nicola Palmer (with Ngaire Elder): 12 March 2013

44 Keith "The Virginia X" Nichols (with Ngaire Elder): 20 March 2013

45 Vickie "Just Evil" McKeehan (with Ngaire Elder) 27 March 2013

46 Matt "School Of The Ages" Posner (with Ngaire Elder): April 2013

47 Contemporary writer Mark Barry (with Ngaire Elder): 10 April 2013

48 Kim Scott (Interview Two, with Ngaire Elder): 17 April 2013

49 Memoirist and historian Elizabeth Marrion (with Mary Ann Bernal): 1 May 2013

50 Christy "Bluffing The Devil" Foster: 8 May 2013

51 SK Whiteside Interview Two: 19 June 2013

52 Louise "In Stone" Gornall: 3 July 2013

53 ST "Esker" Bende - Norse Mythology and Romance: 9 July 2013

54 Elise "On Beltanes Eve" Harries: 17 July 2013

55 Second Interview with Brenda "Homewrecker" Perlin

56 Julie "Ruby Bell" Cassar

57 Ngaire Elder meets Mark "Carla" Barry Part II

58 Forgetting Sarah Wallace

59 Alesha Escobar

60 Devorah Fox and a Pair of Kings

61 Ngaire meets Yvonne Anderson

62 Emma Edwards talks Ensanguined

63 The Terrific Gladys Quintal and "Succubus"

64 Time travel with Georgina Young-Ellis

65 Shadow Walking with Mande Matthews

66 Oklahoma's Prolific Kyra Dune

67 Florida's Multi-Talented Elise Van Cise

68 Vampire myth and masterpiece maker Shane O'Neill

69 Writing Dialogue - by Matt Posner!

70 Fantasy Romance with Misti Parker

71  Southern Editing Comfort with Crystal Schall

72 Romcom's latest addition, Katie Oliver

73 Olive Collins

74 Memoirist Jasmine Bath: "No-One's Daughter"

75 Mary Ann Bernal Talks About Historical Romance "Timeline"

76 Rebecca Raisin Talks Snakes, Typhoons and Gingerbread Cake!

77 Susan Buchanan talks The Dating Game and other stories

78 Ngaire "Dragon's Star" Elder - around the Cauldron!

79 Top UK Contemporary Dramatist Terry Tyler

80 Paranormal Romance with Oz author Danielle Belwater

81 Indie Scribe Editor TS Gwilliam - Around The Cauldron

82  Multi-talented Island paranormal romance writer, Amy Sumida

83 Crime Fiction Writer and Copy Editor Geoffrey West

84 Top UK proofreader Julia "Juliaproofreader" Gibbs

85 Calling All RomCom readers - Tara Ford Is Around The Cauldron

86 Sarah Tipper talks Diary Fiction - Around The Cauldron

87 Author, conqueror of MS and motivational speaker - Karen Magill

88 Chicklit from Wales, Karenne Griffin

89 R Kyle Hannah and his Assassin's Gambit!

90 Ngaire Elder Talks Audiobooks

91  Terry "Kings and Queens" Tyler - Around The Cauldron

92 Debutante romantic suspense from Georgia Rose

93 The Bookshop on the Corner - with Rebecca Raisin

94 Steampunk Aristocracy Rae Gee talks Eve Of The War

95 Romance novels with a difference from Kennedy Ryan!

96 Devorah Fox comes back around the Cauldron - for a King's Ransom

97 The terrific Vanessa Wester and her Evolution Trilogy

98 Brenda Perlin revisits the Cauldron with Ty The Bull

99 Wendy Steele and the Wrath of Angels

100 US Star Chickliterati Katie Oliver returns

101 The brilliant Brenda Perlin and those "Fractured Vows" we all know

102 Kimono My House - Rebecca Raisin/Billie Jones

103 Mistress of Moonlight - Top steamscribbler, Lelani Black

104 Some of the best short stories out there: Mary Ann Bernal and "Scribbler Tales"

105 The Fantastic Lorraine Devon Wilke - "After The Sucker Punch"

106  Top political author Emma Gray gives us the inside gen on those "Power Games"

107 Regency rascals, rakes and rapscallions abound with historical romance's Anabelle Bryant

108 "Gentleman" Geoffrey West and Sheer Fear #Jacksback

109 Phil Conquest with alter-ego Inkker Hauser "Rum Hijack"

110 The Green Wizard meets - at last! - Bodicia, the Wise Woman

111  Kidlit Hub Moderator and Children's Author Nelson "Inskpokes" Suit

112  Atlanta romance author Kennedy Ryan returns!

113 Tracie Bannister, Southern Chickliterati

114 Historical Fiction and Chickblogs with Scotland's Catherine Hokin

115 Sheffield's "Bard of Thrillers"... E.L.Lindley

116 Fun YA Novelist and Highly Respected Reviewer, Barb Taub

117 Wit, chat, blogs and Victorian Crime with ever popular Carol Hedges

118 Magnificent ex-pat poet of life, death and everything in between...Sue Lobo

119 Performance poetry and jokes - all in a days work for the Grumbling Gargoyle herself....Lynn Gerrard

120 Welcome back...Brenda Perlin, the Queen of Faction!

121 Top Toronto author, Eden Baylee talks books, music and Indian food!!


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